TDI 20 years, what next?

MOMENT I: MAY 3 to JUNE 19 2022

(latin sanitas, -atis, de sanus, sain)

Saúde (health) is, in Portuguese as in English, a noun meaning: the condition of a person’s body and mind; an interjection−cheers. There is also the English proverb “drink (to) someone’s health”.

TEMPS D'IMAGES Lisboa celebrates with this edition twenty years of life.
As everything alive, this festival has passed through many phases, but always as a whole. A set of parts and elements, all of which are both interlinked and interdependent; conveyed with acceptance and adaptability.

The festival started out as part of an international network of which it is the only survivor, yet it still retains the interest and drive that continues to keep it progressing and alive.

There are many salutes to be made.

Firstly, a toast to all the artists that accepted the challenge and continue to do so with such remarkable tenacity. With a mix of artists presenting their work for the first time and those with many years of experience, this festival shows that they have continued to find the strength and opportunity to take risks once again.
They have discovered new things, experimented, created and exhibited.
They celebrate life. Saúde!

Secondly, many thanks to all our partners over these past years. They have opened their doors and invested their resources and work. Their effort has been vital to our activity, our strength. We wish them many happy years to come.

Now, to our funders, whose contributions are so important for the value of the work developed in our sector, and for their understanding of its importance. To the future!

Celebrate remembering and find the time to do it. When someone or something is born, when there is an anniversary, when there is a date, when a commemorative element is unfurled or a flag is waved, when there is an ending or an opening.

An important part of these moments is to keep alive the question: what next?

TEMPS D’IMAGES is a multidisciplinary festival focused on the reflection over the relation between live arts and videoart, presenting theatre, performance and film, as well as exhibitions and installations, in several venues in Lisbon.

Since its very first edition, the festival has the mission of supporting contemporary creation and its protagonists, promoting the convergence between artists, programmers and audiences, while fomenting the presentation and touring of meaningful works, both in emblematic places of the city and in new and unusual locations.

António Câmara Manuel

Artistic Director
Mariana Brandão

Head of Production
Ana Calheiros

Technical Director
Mafalda Oliveira

Press Relations
Wake Up!

Graphic and Web Design
ilhas estúdio

Luisa Crick


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Moment I
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