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16 — 19
Pedro Baptista

  • 16-18 june 2022, 9pm
  • 19 june 2022, 4pm
  • CAL/Primeiros Sintomas

Pedro Baptista

  • 16-18 june 2022, 9pm
  • 19 june 2022, 4pm
  • CAL/Primeiros Sintomas
  • 120 minutes
  • 12+

Text and direction: Pedro Baptista
Cast: Ana Valentim, Carolina Dominguez, Inês Vaz, Júlia Valente, Mariana Guarda, Mariana Pacheco de Medeiros e Mário Coelho
Light design: Diana Santos
Costumes: Carmen Alves
Sound design: Filipe Baptista
Creation support: Anabela Ribeiro
Production and press relations: Pedro Baptista
Coproduction residency: O Espaço do Tempo
Support: República Portuguesa – Cultura, DGartes – Direção-Geral das Artes; Temps d’Images; Companhia Olga Roriz

Following a process of putting together and presenting a show, an actress is strangely affected by that work which has now ended. Her body is in conflict: is it as if something was born within it - a figure, a spirit? It is not known what it is. She admits the possibility that your body is under the influence of something (energies, spirits?), something that seems to want to take hold of itself or to inhabit in her.

Meanwhile, the theater company begins the process of making a new show, “Cassandra”, but the injuries (physical, psychological - all the same) of the last work remain in the body of the actress, compromising her well-being and availability to the new production. Starting from this conflict, a dialogue is established concerning questions related to illusion, belief, spiritism, theater, etc. One follows the journey of this woman, in her attempt of resolution or search for an answer to that mysterious phenomenon to which her body is now subject."


Pedro Baptista has a MA in Theatre (Performing Arts) from Lisbon’s Film School (ESTC). As interpreter (in theatre, dance and performance), he worked with: Jorge Andrade (mala voadora), Madalena Victorino, Mário Coelho, Patrícia Moreira (Tremor Teatro), Pedro Saavedra (O Fim do Teatro) and Toni Cafiero, among others. He joined the theater company Artistas Unidos, and acted in various plays directed by Jorge Silva Melo and Pedro Carraca, as well as in staged readings and readings for the radio.

As author and director, Pedro Baptista wants to highlight the following creations: “Oração do veado sereio” (2021), “Suspiria” (2020), “A Gaivota” (2019), “Prosopopeia” (2018) and “Paisagem” (2015).

14 OCT - 7 NOV 2022
Moment II